Saturday, December 1, 2007

This ebay obsession!

I don't know what has come over me of late...I can't seem to step away from the bay! I have this list in my head of older SU sets that I want, and it has become my quest to find them (at a good price of course!). Well, I won three items today, and of course I paid a little more than I wanted to on a couple. One, I didn't even remembering bidding on it. Perhaps I was in a preschooler-induced haze when I bid on that one!

Tomorrow is a new day, and I know that I will try my hardest to stay off the bay!

On to more important things...the Stampin Up retired list. Can you believe that I actually contemplated staying up until all hours of the night to view it first? What was I thinking? Well, I did check my computer the first thing this morning, but I thought that was showing a huge amount of restraint on my part. Lo and behold, I was rather underwhelmed! However, my pocketbook will thank me because there wasn't one thing on there that I have to order before the end of the year.

Enough rantings about my stamping obsession...I'm sure I'll be on to some other craziness soon!


Sharon said...

Good luck with your resolve to stay away from "the bay". You can do it!!!!

H said...

Hey Nancy! Just checking out your blog! Have a great day!