Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome to my blog...again!

I'm going to try and enter the world of blogging...again. I tried this about a year and a half ago, but I fell off quickly. I wanted a place where I could share not only pictures of my crafting, but also a place where my family and friends could keep an eye on me, so to speak.

How did I pick my blog name? Well, I guess I'm having a bit of an identity crisis. I'm a born and bred Yankee, but I have now lived in the South for going on 13 years. That is a long time...for me anyway. I'll always be a Yankee, but some of the best years of my life have been in the South. Charlotte is where I met, fell in love with, and married my best friend Matt. We also have a beautiful, delightful, and often rambunctious three year old named Meredith. She definitely has a crafting gene in her.

She sees me using my rubber stamps, so she has long been rubber stamping with me. I taught her, when using the ink pad, to "rub, rub, rub, pat, pat, pat, then...PUSH" on the paper. It is so funny to hear her repeat that when she is stamping. And, the best part are her latest drawings of people, namely family. They are actually beginning to resemble people.

I hope you enjoy the musings, rantings, ramblings, and a few moments of clarity on my new blog. It will probably depend on the day!