About Me

I'm a stay at home mom living near Charlotte, North Carolina. My husband Matt and I have one daughter named Meredith, and she keeps every day interesting for us. I grew up in western NY, so I am another transplanted Yankee living in the South. We love it here, but I do miss the snow sometimes.  That problem is solved each winter when we go home to visit and forget how difficult it is to drive in the snow.  And, after having lived in the South for 15 years, my blood is thinner, and my accent is deeper. 

I've been a crafter all my life.  I think it came naturally because generations before me were also crafters.  My mom is a quilter, my grandmother was a quilter and seamstress, so I started my first quilt at age 8.  I would sew on and off for years, and I still dabble in quilting, but paper crafting is where my heart truly lies.  I discovered scrapbooking in the mid 90s when it was decorative edge scissors and stickers.  Things have really evolved, and I have been stamping and cardmaking for the past 5 years.  I love it all!